Susanne Rockwell | Encaustic


Changes that surround me in everyday life are my inspiration. Everything grows and changes with time, whether it’s the seasons, plants or relationships. Most of my paintings have their beginnings here. A moment captured.

I use the technique of encaustic painting because it provides beautifully rich colors and is versatile enough to allow for collage, fine etching or rough carving to be done all in one composition. I like the organic feel of encaustic and like to incorporate other organic materials into my paintings such as: rice paper, leaves, seeds, silk and tar.

Each painting is started by melting beeswax and dammar resin on a hot pallet and then adding dry pigments to the wax medium. I then literally paint the hot wax onto wood panels, one layer, or stroke, at a time. Each individual layer of wax is fused to the previous layer using a propane torch. Some paintings can have ten or more layers of wax, which results in a fantastic quality of depth and texture in a composition.


Susanne Rockwell has studied encaustic painting, sculptural welding and drawing at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle with Larry Calkins, Perry Ellis, Jef Gunn, Bill Baber and Mark Rudis.

Her background is in environmental biology and she received her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. When not painting, Susanne is a practicing urban designer and resides with her husband and their chickens in Seattle.


2004 Pratt Fine Arts Center Annual Art Auction, Seattle WA
2005 Solo Art Show at the Baldwin-Barr residence, Seattle WA
2006 Pratt Fine Arts Center Annual Art Auction, Seattle WA
2008 Pratt Fine Arts Center Annual Art Auction, Seattle WA
2009 Featured Artist Artocratic Magazine
2009 Group show Artocratic Magazine
2011 West Seattle Art Walk Exhibition, Seattle WA
2011 Tukwilla Art Days Exhibition and Competition, Tukwilla WA
2011 - 2012 Group show at Local Color, Pike Place Market, Seattle WA
2012 Solo Art Show, Terra Bella Flowers, Seattle WA